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Knitting in Hong Kong

After a 16 hour flight the islands along the coast of Hong Kong become in sight. Het is a beautiful sunny and warm morning. BeTaKe Company's chauffeur takes Gwen and me to the King's Hotel for a few hours rest.  

That same day Bonnie and Charles from BeTaKe Company welcome us at their office. These two people invited me as Guinness World Record holder "fastest knitter". I'm the special guest in next sunday's Christmas show. This show will be held in the atrium of Sun City Plaza shopping mall. The theme this year is KNITTING!

That same evening in the centre of Kowloon: Charles Hung takes Gwen and me on a tour through this old part of the city. In a craft shop we find these wool packages. On sunday 40 volunteers will knit with this yarn. Little bags will be sold for charity purpose.

In my spare time at the hotelroom I start all 40 projects for the volunteers. Cast on 40 stitches and knit the first row. This way the volunteers will have a quik start on the sunday knitting event.

A giant teddybear (10 mtr high) is holding knitting needles in his paws. Smaller bears on each side are helping him to hold up the needles.

Two newspaper photographers are shooting pictures of me. Pictures will be used for the sunday issue of The Sun and Oriëntal Daily.On request of the show organizers I brought ten of my masterpieces with me to be on display.
Katy Kit-man Chan from Oriëntal Press is the journalist writing a story about my Guinness Record as fastest knitter. Her story will be published in the sunday issue of Oriëntal Daily. 

This picture as shown in the sunday newspapers
Travelling with MTR I met Betty Ho, an enthousiast knitter finishing a babysweater on her way to the office. Betty also tells me were I can find woolshop Paris.

You will find 'PARIS' woolshop in the neigbourhood of Times Square shopping mall. Buying yarn in a Chinese woolshop is a complete new experience! This is how it goes: You have to choose a design from the pile on the counter desk. Ór you bring your own Vogue Knitting with you to Hong Kong. The friendly owner takes a look at your project and recommends a yarn brand. She then gives you a colour card and fetches a package of yarn  from the store. At this point a Chinese customer will try to get a discount. This pretty naïeve tourist pays the normal price; 43 euro's for nine balls of deliscious merino wool. 

K2Tog: Gwen is helping out,knitting a small bag for charity too!

Host of show Amelia Wu is watching closely how to count stitches. In preparation for my speedknitting record attempt.

Press members from the news- and music industry are present

Volunteer knitters are busy knitting their small bags. Benefit goes to a children's home. Notice; they all knit English style!

'Stitch&Bitch' with the artist Elanne.
The organisers took all efforts to make a new record in speedknitting possible: A comfortable seat, a digital clock and above all: my favorite music playing!
Shun Man Yee is a  local fast knitter. Here she challenges me to knit fast for one minute.
Shun Man Yee and her daughter have owned this woolshop for the last ten years. Again, all yarn from Japan, Italy and Australia is packed in folage laying on the shelves. 
A traditional Chinese dinner named: "Hot Pot" is the finale of my four days knitting tour in Hong Kong. Afterwards we visit Victoria Harbour with the lights across the water. Thank you Bonnie & BeTaKe marketing for inviting me!