Miriam Tegels
Heistraat 47
NL 6071CG Swalmen


11 & 12 oktober Knitting & Stitching Show, Alexandra Palace London.

Together with Jennifer Stafford (domiKNITrix) I am invited to this years Knitting  & Stitching Show at Alexandra Palace, London. Part of the exhibition is this 'button cabinet'. As a vistior of the show you are invited to change the colours of the buttons in the jars on the shelfs. That way you have an influence on this piece of art!

It was Christine Kingdom from the British Handknitting Asociation who invited the both of us to come to the show.

Marie-Alice Morisset is the new speedknitting champion coming from France. As a reward for her achievement she too was invited to this years' K&S Show in London. We spent some time knitting & chatting. She didn't bring her speedknitting needles, therefore we couldn't really speedknit togehter. Pictures were taken for the French and British knitting magazines.

This picture is a teaser to show two of the new designs DomiKNITrix has been working on. Frans Tegels wearing 'The Doppler". DomiKNITrix is wearing the "Zhivago".
Famous knitwear designer Nicky Epstein is signing her latest book: "Knitting On Top of the World". DomiKNITrix wearing her weddingshawl. A design by my good friend Carla Meijsen.