Miriam Tegels
Heistraat 47
NL 6071CG Swalmen


World's  Finals  Fastest Knitter Competition

Februari 16, 2008: Frans and I on our way to the World's  Finals  Fastest Knitter Competition. We stayed overnight in New York and with a 14 hours delay and we are now boarding in Cleveland to fly to Minneapolis.

At the Country Inn we reunite with DomiKNITrix, she'll support me during the contest this afternoon! Meanwhile I cast on 60 sts. for the speedknitting finals.

Just before kick of Canadian contestants Wannietta & Jody enter the Rotunda. With them 'knitting heretic' Annie Modesitt. Annie is the fastest knitter in the pre finals with 170 sts. in 3 minutes.

Finally at  4 pm: Kick of for the Worlds' Finals "Fastest Knitter". From the left: Hazel Tindall (UK), Miriam Tegels (NL), Wannietta Prescod (CAN), Lisa Gentry (USA), and -not in this pic.-  Ariella Le Cuyer (FR). Winner is Hazel: 262 sts in 3 minutes. I am runner up with 244 sts and on third place; Wannietta: 231 sts. 

All contestants have to pose for the local press photographers. Hazel holds her price: an inscripted clock. The central point of the Knit Out is the Rotunda. Visitors are seated in a wide circle around the central stage.

As a present for my dear friend Jennifer Stafford "DomiKNITrix" I knitted Carla Meijsen's Weddingshawl.
'Knitting Heretic' Annie Modesitt invites us to her home. This is the area were she designs and knits. Afterwards we join her and her family for a nice dinner at 'Dixies'.

After a lovely dinner we say goodbye to Annie , her husband Gerry and there children Hannah & Max.
The late night hours of this very special day are spent at the VIP lounge of the Country Inn. All contestants and a buch of lovely knitters from all around the U.S.A. meet up here for knitting and chatting.

Sunday, Feb 17; the day starts with Starbucks and a bagel. We are seated at the amusement park, a large space at the centerpoint of the MOA.
So nice to meet Nicky Epstein again. She is teaching several classes at the Knit Out.


The finalists of yesterday's competition are invited on stage once again. We do a demo of our fast knitting & crocheting skills. In between we interact with the public. Nice comments and questions are coming our way!
Host of show Steve invites those visitors on stage who wear knitted projects. Frans is wearing his salamander sweater.

Time to say goodbye to the MOA. Recognize the Mod Coat from DomiKNITrix' book? Jennifer wears the original as shown in her book and mine is the same coat knitted in black.
Monday morning; after breakfast at the Hop In we say goodbye to Jennifer Stafford at the Minneapolis Airport. Without delay we arrive home on Tuesday morning.