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S&B 18 november Rotterdam

The Dutch Speedknitting Challenge atttracted a lot of viewers and contesters.

Mrs. Joke Bruinzeel at the left, later turned out to be the third prize winner!

In the background; see TV crew from VARA television. There are shooting for their show called “The World Keeps Turning.” (translated)

Part of that show: The Jakal. Jakal Sjoerd, sitting next to me. He's watching me closely while I finish his neck tie in record time.

Stitching & Bitching with my knitting buddy Bert Zwarteveen. VARA television is shooting close ups.

and even closer…..

Radio Rijnmond reporter tries to catch the sound of fast clicking needles…
...Highly concentrated for 3 minutes....

All the way from S&B Roermond; my knitttting friends José and Manon came to join in the speed challenge.

Fastknitter and Gerard Allt: From London Gerard Allt was a special guest at the S&B event. He is travelling with a knitted river. Take a look at his website:

Finally, at the end of the day, I meet Alice Starmore.
Frans and Jan.