Miriam Tegels
Heistraat 47
NL 6071CG Swalmen


"Knit Picks" Vancouver Washington

Kelley & Bob Petkun invited me to visit their company: Crafts Americana in Vancouver Washington. While I'm knitting with Knit Picks needles, audio and video are made. A photo shoot with Kelley and Xena . Pictures will appear on their website and in the Knit Picks catalogue.

On Sunday, Kelley invites Thuur and me to a day on the beach. We visit Coastal Yarns in Canon Beach wear I find Blue Moon Fiber Arts "Sock that Rock"

On Tuesday, coworkers Angela and Allison from Knit Pickjs take us to Wahneeka Falls. This video will also be on the Knit Picks website.

On Wednesday I visit Knit-Purl, one of the nine(!) woolshops in downtown Portland. My treasures: Noro Sock yarn ánd Koigu. That night at the library in North Portland: more over 90 knitters meet up and watch me 'speed knitting'. A lot of questions and even more fun to meet these local knitters!
On my last day at Knit Picks I'm teaching two group lessons: First all the femal coworkers get together. Their goal: to knit faster!
And then the men get together. Casting on and knit stitches are easy after a little struggle...