Miriam Tegels
Heistraat 47
NL 6071CG Swalmen




Foundation : cotton cushion cover 40x 40 cm or 16x 16 inch .
Suggested yarns: DK weight cotton: “ Isis ” by Scheepjeswol.
In 4 different colours: Green, 847 and 816. Violet: 853 and 854.
Knitting needles 3.5 mm . or US size 9. 1 darning needle.
Embroidery floss: DMC violet and pale green.


Inspiration Materials


Cast on 60 st . using the pale violet yarn and knit in plain stockinet.

Third row: Knit first 2 st . with pale green and continue with violet. Every next row: increase green stitches by 2 and sometimes 3 stitches until complete row is knitted in green. Continue using dark violet the first 2 stitches of next row. Change colours like this until piece is measured 30x30 cm or 12x12 inch. Bind of. Use hot iron to flatten the piece. Embroider with violet embroidery floss along all four sizes of cushion cover.

Crocus pattern:

Cast on 3 st . using dark violet yarn.
Knit 8 rows in plain stockinet.
Row 9: KFB (increase) in first and last stitch. (= 5 st .)
Increase in the same way in row 13 (= 7 st .), row 21 (= 9 st .), row 29 (= 11 st .) and finally in row 33 (= 13 st .) Continue knitting stockinet for 12 more rows.
Next row : K1, SSK (decrease) ,K7. K2tog, K1. (= 11 st .)
Purl one row.
Last row: Bind of while knitting: * SSK, K2tog, yarn over, repeat from *, SSK, K1, bind of last st.
Knit two more crocus in pale violet and knit 3 in dark violet.
Green leaves: Knit an I-cord using green yarn for a total length of 80 cm or 32 inches . Cut the I-cord into 8 pieces. Weave in the yarn ends.
Embroid crocus and leaves on to cushion foundation.