Miriam Tegels
Heistraat 47
NL 6071CG Swalmen


Projecten - 4

"Weddingshawls; a lovestory".
The story begins on April 18. Opening the mailbox and finding issue 135 of my favourite knittingmagazine, `Handwerken Zonder Grenzen.` When I turn to page 38 I immediately fall in love with the picture of the Lace Weddingshawl. In the following two weeks I spent most of my evenings lace knitting. Starting with a violet shawl using a mohair yarn from ´Scheepjeswol`. My second shawl is knit in a ruby red coloured yarn, Kid Silk from Rowan. My friend Carla Meijsen , she is the designer of the weddingshawl, receives a lot of compliments on her magnificent design! I´m also writing about this project to my other friend and designer Jennifer Stafford ,´domiKNITrix'. Jenn nifer´s responding enthousiastic and she asks me to knit another 4(!) shawls for her friend Leslie who is getting married in November ? Leslie would love to see her 4 bridesmaides wearing a lace knit shawl! I gladly agree to knit these for her and on Mai 16 a box arrives, bringing me 12 balls of Rowan Kid Silk Haze. I start knitting that same evening and finish the whole project on June 16, by binding of the last stitch of shawl number 4. The whole project took 80 hours of knitting. The total weight of the 4 shawls is 260 grams. And believe me, they truly can be pulled through a weddingring!